Great service, fresh meat Recently our non-profit organizion had a “liver feed” and the great people from Renner Corner Locker donated all the liver we needed. As the Sioux Falls area gets larger it is nice to know there is still neighborly people like this around.

Chane V.

I really like the people that work there and they are always friendly about everything you ask , they also have the best meats, I’ve always enjoyed thier beef jerkey mmmmm….kinda like a potato chips , cant just eat one piece..ha ha anytime your out this way , stop in and check them out …you wont be disappointed.


This is dedicated to Renner Corner’s Beef Jerky. The absolute best in the world. As a soldier overseas, my family would send bags of jerky which wouldn’t last a day because my teammates and I couldn’t stop. Thanks to everyone at Renner Corner for not comprimising on a truly great product. I’ll stop in when I get home.